Recycle Hawaii Awarded Grant

Thanks to a grant from Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and The Coca-Cola Co., Big Island nonprofit Recycle Hawaii can now do even more to keep Hawaii beautiful.

KAB and Coca-Cola have teamed up to support recycling efforts across the country. They have awarded recycling bins to a variety of organizations – including nonprofits, community and college groups, and government organizations – in 70 towns and cities. The goal of the Recycling Bin Grant Program is to help the groups make recycling easier and more accessible in their communities. Each organization awarded with the grant will be responsible for the collection of recyclable materials.  The winners were chosen based on specific criteria and the program requires that each organization implement a plan that is sustainable, supportive, and educational for their respective communities.

Almost 800 applications were received and only 70 were chosen. According to the Hawaii Tribune Herald, the Recycling Bin Grant Program will be implemented by nine colleges and universities, 25 municipalities and local government entities, community groups – including some Native American tribes, 10 K-12 schools, and 26 nonprofits, across 31 states.

Recycle Hawaii’s winning proposal, “Adopt-a-Bin”, is similar to the familiar “Adopt-a-Highway” program that has worked to involve community members in keeping highways clean across the country.  In the case of the recycling bins, local groups and business will have the opportunity to “Adopt-a-Bin” and, with the support of Recycle Hawaii, each local group or business will maintain and make collections from their adopted bins. Accessible bins will not only encourage residents and visitors to recycle, but the recyclables collected can also be redeemed by the adopting organization for fundraising.  A plaque with the organization’s name will be attached to each bin to let community members know who is taking care of the bin.

The bins will be installed on the Big Island in a variety of locations, including beaches, downtown Hilo, and Alii Drive. To keep the program running smoothly, residents and visitors are urged to place only redeemable, single-use beverage containers in the bins.

Recycle Hawaii runs several other community outreach and educational programs focused on sustainability and green living. Upcoming events include composting workshops to be held September 17th at the KRRC Keaau Transfer Station and Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in Hilo. The Recycle Hawaii website also provides information on where, what and how to recycle on the Big Island.

For more information on Recycle Hawaii, please visit   If you are interested in learning about the Recycling Bin Grant Program or adopting a bin, you may call Kristine Kubat at (808) 969-2012. Those who would like to help “Keep Hawaii Beautful” through other projects can find information here.