Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods Donates Koa Poject

Through its Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation  Initiative, Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods (HLH) is donating 1,000 acres of  its 2,700 acre sustainable koa project to reforestation.

Located on the slopes of  Mauna Kea, this historic site was once a majestic koa forest and the  personal property of King Kamehameha I. Sadly the land was cleared  nearly a century ago to make room for farming  and ranching.  Fortunately, some of the old growth koa trees still reside on the  property. HLH is utilizing these trees as the seed source for all Legacy  Trees in an effort to return this tropical forest to its former glory.

Koa is a magnificent and  revered native tree found nowhere else on Earth. This prized wood was once reserved for Hawaiian Royalty. When the outside world discovered  this magnificent wood they applied western methods of harvesting-clear cutting more than 90% of all forests. Through the efforts of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods and other caring individuals like you, these incredible trees are making a comeback. These trees belong to all generations, and with your help we can save Hawai’i’s forests…one tree at a time.

The ultimate goal of HLH  is to create a sustainable model that inspires others to come together  to take action. By increasing awareness for how the simple act of  planting a tree has a huge impact on our environment , HLH, with  partners like you, can change the face of the Planet.