Our Mission

To promote education, cooperation, and public awareness among Hawai‘i’s people and businesses, and to promote sustainability, helping to preserve Hawai‘i’s unique environment and the needs of balancing resource protection with the demands of a growing population.  A primary goal is to balance economic, cultural, and environmental concerns because all of these components of our society are interdependent.

About Me

My name is Justin Britt and this is my Hawaii Conservation blog. I work for a Wasabi Marketing Elements, and this is one of the ways of giving back to the wonderful place I get to call home. I’ve been involved with promoting conservation in Hawaii previously through my other website, the Kauai vacation explorer. Remember, tread lightly – and don’t step on the reef, brah!

Get Involved

Have some good ideas to contribute to this website? Our goal is to educate, so please help us. To get involved email HawaiiFi at Gmail dot com (sorry for spelling it out, but I only like spam in my musubi).